Cosmetic Dentistry

If your teeth are misaligned, discolored, stained, or have gaps between them, your smile might make you feel self-conscious. Because we believe that every patient deserves to feel confident in their smile, Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and Co. provides a variety of cosmetic services to enhance smiles in Cedarburg and the surrounding areas. Since we have years of experience assisting people in improving their smiles, get in touch with Dr. Neal right away to start your journey toward the smile of your dreams!

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Are you interested in whitening your smile but unsure of how to go about it? At Teeth and Co., locating the ideal cosmetic dentistry for your smile is simple. We encourage patients who want a new smile to come in for a cosmetic dentistry consultation so we can go over all of the possibilities available to them at our office. Patients will feel better as a result.

What is the Process of Cosmetic Dentistry? It is what?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your smile’s appearance by fixing flaws and making it more aesthetically pleasing. Patients can get brand-new smiles by making minor adjustments to the size, shape, and color of their teeth. In order to learn more about their options for procedures like porcelain veneers, Invisalign, and professional teeth whitening, patients are advised to speak with Dr. Neal Rosenberg. At Teeth and Co., whitening trays can be created for both in-office and take-home use.

Your smile might fade, but not your confidence! When you make an appointment with Teeth and Co. for professional teeth whitening, the procedure is easy and the results are satisfying. Compared to drugstore teeth whitening, which may result in sensitive teeth or uneven results, our teeth whitening technology is known as the most effective way to whiten your teeth. It aims to reduce or lessen tooth sensitivity.

Dental Veneers can build confidence

Due to their remarkable adaptability, veneers can be used to correct a variety of flaws. Veneers are thin, enduring porcelain or ceramic shells that are crafted specifically to fit over your teeth, hide cosmetic flaws, and last a lifetime. They give your smile a new, youthful appearance when they are fitted over your teeth.

Consider Invisalign to Get a Straighter smile!

Traditional orthodontic procedures like metal braces are no longer necessary thanks to Invisalign.Your teeth can be straightened with Invisalign without the use of wires, brackets, or rubber bands by wearing a series of virtually undetectable clear plastic “aligners” that resemble retainers.

Your teeth will be moved into the proper position by the aligners, which even slightly press on them. Invisalign is a great orthodontic alternative for those who don’t want to wear traditional braces.

Colored Fillings for Teeth

As opposed to the metal-based, mercury-amalgam material used in conventional fillings, tooth-colored composite fillings use a unique combination of dental resin and broken glass.

There are numerous advantages to this. First of all, composite fillings keep your smile intact by blending in with the color of your teeth. Additionally, the tooth can be strengthened more successfully when using tooth-colored fillings because less enamel needs to be removed during treatment.

Bonding, shaping, and contouring

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that coats your teeth in dental resin and shapes them into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. This can be applied to enhance your smile and hide dental flaws. Dr. Neal Rosenberg will apply the resin to your tooth, shape it, harden it, and mold it to match your other teeth and improve your smile.

For a soft, realistic-looking smile, dental bonding is frequently combined with shaping and contouring.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are unsure of which procedure would be best for you or think you may require several procedures to achieve your ideal smile, Teeth and Co. offers complete smile makeovers. Dr. Neal Rosenberg will examine your mouth, talk with you about your smile goals, and ask you about your finances to help you decide which procedures are best for you.

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At Teeth and Co., we always welcome new patients and offer excellent results at fair prices. Call 262-377-5130 or stop by our office, which is located at N57 W6296 Center St., Cedarburg, WI 53012, if you have any questions or are ready to get started.

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