Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and Co. looks forward to getting to know your children and serving patients of all ages.

With our all-encompassing, kid-focused approach to pediatric dentistry in Cedarburg, your child will feel safe and comfortable at every session. We would be thrilled to walk with you on your oral health journey, and Teeth and Co. is the perfect dental home for you and your family.

When Is the Best Time to Take My Child to the Dentist?

If you’re a new parent, you may be wondering when is a good time to start taking your kid to the dentist. Your kid should see a dentist when they turn one or when their first tooth erupts, whichever comes first, according to the American Dental Association.

If your older kid hasn’t had a dental exam yet, now is the ideal time to get one scheduled. See a dentist like Dr. Rosenberg for six-month dental checkups and cleanings; this is the greatest method to make sure your child’s mouth remains healthy for years to come.

During your first visit, one of our dentists will examine your child’s mouth, discuss their oral health with you, and answer any questions you may have regarding oral hygiene. We’ll ask questions about your child’s nutrition and dental hygiene practices and provide you personalized advice on how to keep your child’s mouth healthy as they become older. We would be happy to meet you and your family, and we always welcome new patients.

Dental sealants Offer the Best Protection for Children’s Teeth!

Preventing cavities is the best method to treat them. Dental sealants may help prevent cavities even though proper brushing and flossing techniques can, if you’d want to provide your youngster an extra line of protection.

Dental sealants consist of a particular liquid resin that is “painted” on your child’s back molars and then solidifies into a durable plastic surface. Caries-prone molars are shielded from the plaque, germs, and acid that would otherwise lead to dental decay. Because this therapy is non-invasive, reasonably priced, and has a ten-year lifespan, it is ideal for young children who are susceptible to cavities.

Cavities are filled with tooth-colored restorations.

Despite all of your efforts, your kid may still develop a cavity that has to be filled. Approximately 50% of all children in the US will have had at least one cavity by the time they are 19 years old. We understand that having a filling could make you and your kid anxious.

We go out of our way to make sure that both you and your child are comfortable over the course of the therapy and that we communicate the strategy in a manner that is age-appropriate. In order to keep your child’s smile attractive and white, we also provide sedation dentistry for children of all ages. We also employ composite fillings that match your child’s teeth.

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