Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and Co. is a great place to go in Cedarburg if you need dental treatment. We provide our patients with a comprehensive selection of same-day emergency dental treatments.

For help, give (262) 377-5130 a call as soon as possible, or continue reading below.

Same-Day Consultation

At Teeth and Co., you are welcome to be honest and upfront about your teeth!

At Teeth and Co. in Cedarburg, we provide same-day treatment for every one of our customers. Since dental emergencies don’t always follow a predictable pattern, we’ll always be here to support you and your family in receiving the treatment you need.

Please describe your situation over the phone at (262) 377-5130 if you need help right now.

As soon as we can, we will set up a same-day appointment for you. Simply schedule an appointment and get the treatment you need to restore your dental health.

Common Dental Emergencies

Are you curious about the dental crises that happen most frequently? This is a collection of several frequent crises that need to be treated right away.

Teeth that have been knocked out or that have become very loose as a result of a dental accident need to be treated right away in order to be saved. Don’t waste time attempting to heal yourself of your illness. Dr. Neal Rosenberg can restore your smile as quickly as feasible.

A dental crown should be used as soon as feasible to fix broken or fractured teeth; in rare circumstances, root canal treatment could also be required. If you believe that a tooth in your mouth has been injured by an oral injury, please contact us straight away for assistance.

Toothaches: Usually, a severe toothache is a sign of an affected tooth or a large cavity that might get infected. See our clinic as soon as possible if you think that root canal treatment will be necessary to restore your smile.

Gum bleeding: You may have gum disease if your gums bleed a lot when you brush or floss, or if they bleed for no apparent cause. This is a dental emergency; please come in as soon as possible for care.

Removing dental work: This is a major dental emergency if a crown or filling has fallen out. To prevent further damage to your tooth, it would be better to replace it as soon as possible by visiting our facility.

This isn’t where your emergency is mentioned, is it?

If you think you’re in an emergency, you’re usually not wrong. Being safe is better than being sorry. Give Teeth and Co. a call right now. For same-day service in Cedarburg, call (262) 662-1111.

Get emergency dentistry in Cedarburg right now; don’t put it off any longer!

When you get emergency dental care as soon as possible, you may reduce the risk of future issues, get pain and discomfort relief, and save time and money. Thus, don’t delay it any longer. Give Teeth and Co. a call at (262) 377-5130 if you believe you need immediate treatment.

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