Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an affordable, durable alternative to extraction of lost teeth. If you have lost one or more teeth as a result of periodontal disease, tooth decay, or an accident, a dental bridge from Teeth and Co. Dr. Neal Rosenberg can be the ideal answer for you.

What Is and How Does a Dental Bridge Operate?

A dental bridge uses two crowns and an artificial tooth to replace a missing tooth. The prosthetic tooth “bridges” the gap left by the missing tooth by being affixed to the teeth adjacent to the missing one with crowns.

In addition to keeping your remaining teeth from moving—which may happen if you do not take care of your missing teeth—a dental bridge also helps you talk and eat in general.

Dental bridges: How Do They Implant?

The process of making and placing a dental bridge is quite simple. It normally takes a few weeks to finish in a few sessions and is non-invasive.

The two teeth that act as “abutment” on each side of the lost tooth will be the first to be prepared. In order to provide the crowns a stable foundation, the enamel of these teeth has been removed.

Your teeth will next be digitally photographed and imprinted by the dentist. A third-party lab receives this information and uses it to manufacture the dental bridge. The bridge is custom-made to suit your mouth exactly and to have the same form and appearance as your natural teeth. In order to save your teeth while the permanent bridge is finished, Dr. Neal Rosenberg will install a temporary bridge.

At your subsequent visit, the dental bridge will be assessed for quality and fit, and it could be gently adjusted for your comfort. The dentist will apply a permanent dental glue to hold it in place after the fit is perfect.

Why Dental Bridges Are Beneficial

Dental bridges provide a number of advantages that can make them a good match for you.

  • Non-invasive: Installing a dental bridge is a painless procedure. It’s an excellent option for those who can’t have surgery.
  • Reasonably priced — Dental insurance often covers the cost of a dental bridge, which is an inexpensive alternative.
  • Brief treatment time: Depending on how quickly the bridge can be built, dental bridges may be inserted in as little as two or three weeks.

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