Sedation Dentistry

A common inclination among Americans is dental anxiety. It’s also a major contributing factor to the high number of people who forget to get routine (every six months) dental cleanings, oral exams, and other critical tests. The American Dental Association reports that fear of the dentist has prevented up to 15% of dental patients from seeing a dentist.

At Teeth and Co., you may choose sedation dentistry to reduce your anxiety.

What is sedation dentistry?

In modern dentistry, sedation dentistry employs pharmacological treatments to reduce awareness, limit discomfort, and ensure your comfort during routine dental operations.

Teeth and Co. uses oral sedation dentistry. All you’ll get is a pill to take before your appointment. The medication will make you feel less nervous so that we can treat you, even if you’re tight or nervous.

In more severe cases, methods such as IV sedation, deep sedation, and even general anesthesia may be used. However, most people don’t normally need these dental anxiety therapies.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Teeth and Co. offers sedation dentistry with a number of benefits. Here is a summary of a few of the more noteworthy ones:

  • Enhanced Comfort: During your dental procedure, oral sedation may put you at rest and reduce any anxiety you may have about seeing the dentist.
  • Relief from worry: Many individuals find that knowing they will be receiving sedation at the dentist reduces their worry, and it also makes scheduling their subsequent visit easier.
  • Getting the Dental Care You Deserve Is Possible: If your fear prevents you from seeing the dentist, your dental health may suffer. Regular oral hygiene may be neglected, which can lead to serious problems including gingivitis and tooth decay. Sedation dentistry might help you get past your fear and get the attention you need.

When a patient feels less concerned about their oral health, therapy is administered more rapidly. Since nervous patients seldom stay in the dentist’s chair for long, complex treatments like smile makeovers may need numerous sessions. Sedation dentistry solves this problem by allowing you to finish dental procedures faster and get treatment for your dental issues faster.

Who is the right candidate for sedation dentistry?

The majority of individuals may benefit from sedation dentistry. But for the most part, anesthesia is not necessary while seeing a dentist. You should think about sedation dentistry if:

  • You have skipped prior visits because of your fear of the dentist.
  • You’re terrified of the dentist.
  • You have an extremely low pain threshold.
  • You’re afraid of small places.
  • You have a very strong gag reflex.
  • You have very sensitive teeth.

Interested in Cedarburg Sedation Dentistry? Now go see Teeth and Co.!

At Teeth and Co., Dr. Neal Rosenberg specializes in dental anxiety. Throughout your appointment, our kind, informed team will make sure you’re secure, at ease, and stress-free. We aid in reducing your stress levels by using effective oral sedation dental procedures.

Don’t allow your fear of the dentist to keep you from getting the treatment you need. Call (262) 377-5130 to speak with the Dr. Neal Rosenberg and the Teeth and Co. team about scheduling an appointment, or visit N57 W6296 Center St., Cedarburg, WI 53012.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss sedation dentistry and create a customized treatment plan to help you manage your dental anxiety.