Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and Co. might be able to assist if you live in Cedarburg, Mequon, Saukville or the surrounding areas and are unhappy with the appearance of your smile because of crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps in your mouth, or a condition like an underbite or an overbite. We specialize in Invisalign clear aligner treatment, which enables you to straighten your teeth rapidly and without the use of conventional metal braces. Find out more below, or make an appointment right away by calling 262-377-5130

Knowing The Fundamentals Of Invisalign

An alternative to conventional metal braces is Invisalign. Your teeth will be moved using a set of smooth, thin, clear plastic “aligners,” which resemble retainers, rather than metal wires, rubber bands, and brackets in this therapy.

Usually, each aligner is worn for 20 to 22 hours every day for around 2 weeks. By gradually repositioning your teeth as you wear the aligner, you can improve your smile and bite without the use of braces.

Almost anyone may straighten their teeth using Invisalign at Teeth and Co. without having to wear bulky, painful metal braces.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign is far superior to other procedures like braces in terms of several important advantages. First and maybe most significantly, while worn, it is absolutely undetectable. Nobody needs to know that you are wearing Invisalign aligners unless you wish them to, as they won’t have any impact on your appearance or speech.

Invisalign is additionally more pleasant than braces. Invisalign utilizes gentle, even pressure to realign your teeth because there are no sharp metal parts to chafe your gums, lips, or tongue.

The removable nature of your Invisalign aligners allows you to brush and floss more thoroughly, and there are no dietary restrictions, making your treatment much more convenient than it would be with braces.

Last but not least, Invisalign typically takes a year for most patients. This is quicker than braces, which, depending on your situation, may take up to 12–18 months or longer. But keep in mind that every patient is unique, therefore the length of your Invisalign treatment may vary from 12 months to less.

Quality Candidate For Invisalign

You are probably a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment if your mouth is healthy and free of serious oral health issues including gum disease and tooth decay. Before receiving orthodontic care by Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and Co., you must take care of any major oral health issues.

Additionally, Invisalign is often only suggested for patients who have mild to severe difficulties with their bite alignment, crowded teeth, or crookedness. Traditional metal braces would probably be a better option if you have really serious orthodontic problems because they are more adaptable and can be used to address practically any orthodontic problem.

Simply schedule a consultation with Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and determine if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. You may find out more about the procedure at your visit, find out if you qualify, and get started right away on the path to a straighter, healthier smile.