Root Canal Therapy

When a cavity or toothache causes an infection in the tooth’s inner pulp, root canal therapy may be necessary to safely remove the cause of your toothache and restore the health and comfort of your smile.

Cedarburg Root Canal Therapy

A persistent toothache can ruin anyone’s day, but if it is preventing you from sleeping at all due to a painful or sensitive tooth, call us at (262) 377-5130 so we can examine your oral health in detail. In order to effectively treat the infection and restore your smile’s comfort and health, root canal therapy might be required if a cavity or toothache damages the tooth’s inner pulp. When treating dental issues, Dr. Neal Rosenberg at Teeth and Co. places a strong emphasis on compassion and caution. Our gentle and effective root canal therapy will give you or a loved one a healthier and more attractive smile.

What is a root canal procedure?

When an infection develops in the pulp, the tooth’s soft interior, root canal therapy may be necessary. This can be caused by a tooth that is weaker, by severe dental caries (cavities), by repeated dental procedures, or by a dental injury that makes it possible for an infection to enter the tooth’s inner layer.

When a root canal is required, it is strongly advised to consult with a dentist or endodontist to avoid infection, dental pain, or the loss of the affected tooth.

How to Recognize a Root Canal in Its Initial Phases

The best way to avoid getting a root canal is to brush, floss, and schedule a six-monthly checkup with your dentist. As soon as you observe any changes in your oral health, such as sensitive teeth that are impacted by hot or cold foods or sore or bleeding gums after brushing, it’s critical that you schedule an appointment with your dentist. Teeth and Co. focuses on conservative and preventive dental care to keep your teeth healthy no matter what life throws at you.

Your Root Canal Treatment Appointment

The goal of endodontic dentistry is to treat conditions that affect or damage the tooth pulp.

During your root canal appointment, Dr. Neal Rosenberg will numb the tooth slightly to make the process painless. The unhealthy pulp is then removed, and the pain is relieved, by drilling a tiny hole into the tooth’s outer layer. The root canal must then be cleaned and filled with gutta-percha, a substance that mimics rubber and preserves the tooth’s original structure.

A crown or dental filling is used to seal the tooth.

Teeth and Co.’s root canal procedure

Our dental team at Teeth and Co. employs the best instruments and methods to provide gentle dental care, from strong dental crowns for broken or decaying teeth to dental fillings for small cavities. If it’s been a while since your last dental appointment or if you’ve noticed a change in your oral health, Dr. Neal Rosenberg, along with the staff at Teeth and Co. in Cedarburg, cordially invite you to visit. From celebrating cavity-free visits to carefully mending teeth, family dentistry at Teeth and Co. is happy to support your oral health and create enjoyable dental experiences. Please give (262) 377-5130 a call for an appointment.