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Its time to get that beautiful smile you've always wanted.

Teeth & Co. is a different kind of dentist. We don’t treat you like a number in a chair, we treat you like family.

We discuss your teeth, your health, and life in general with you rather than at you (think: a conversation rather than a lecture), making sure we offer helpful feedback and pointers to keep you happy and healthy when it matters most: when you’re not in the dentist’s chair.

Our top priority is providing the Cedarburg area with the greatest service, practices, and products. Learn more about our special offers.

$150 New Patient Special

Here at Teeth & Co., we want to make it easy for new patients to get affordable, quality care. With our new patient special, we’re offering everything you need to get started!

*Not valid for patients using insurance or in cases of periodontal disease. Can only be used once for new patients only.

Hours that fit your schedule

We make it easy on you to schedule your appointment around your always busy life.

Flexible Insurance & Payment Plans

We know not everyone has the same insurance. To ensure smooth process all around, we work with a variety of plans and providers.

Wide array of Oral Health Services

We want to be the only place you have to visit for your oral health needs. That's why we offer a wider variety of services than most dentists

Highly Skilled & Trained Team

Our highly qualified and experienced team can handle any questions you may have regarding your oral health.

No Dental Insurance? No Worries!

If you don’t carry or prefer to avoid insurance companies and the headaches that come with them, Teeth & Co. offers our Dental Health Savings Club plans, to help bring peace of mind to you!

For the same price to get your car waxed and shined each month, you can enjoy peace of mind about your oral health. Monthly plans are available for both groups and individuals! A Dental Savings Club membership will both save you on your preventive dental costs and prevent future dental headaches, all at a price significantly less than traditional dental insurance. 

Dental Health Savings Club
Membership Plans

Children (Ages 13 and Under)
$16.50 Monthly($41.66 due at signing)*

Adults (Ages 14+)
$25 Monthly($50 due at signing)*

*Initial payment includes $25 setup fee. Payments deducted from a credit/debit card. No cash payment.


  • Full mouth series of dental x-rays — This is a “big picture” view taken once every 3 years to check for cancer, cavities, infections in the jaw bones, and gums.
  • Bitewing dental x-rays — This quick snapshot is taken once a year to check for small cavities and early onset of gum and bone disease.
  • Two preventative cleanings or periodontal maintenance per year* — Work with our dental hygiene team to take those pesky stains off your teeth and remove any calculus and tartar. Our dental hygiene team will also work with you to develop your custom home care plan to keep your teeth sparkling and white between visits.
  • Two periodic dentist exams per year — At your preventative cleaning, our team will check out your smile to make sure you’re cavity free and that your gums and bone are healthy. We’ll also complete an oral cancer screening every time.
  • Two fluoride varnish applications — When applied twice a year or more, fluoride varnishes can prevent cavities in kids and adults! Traditional dental insurance stops covering these at about 16 years old, but here at Teeth & Co., we want you to be healthy and use them for a lifetime.
  • $100 off of teeth whitening — Select either our lifetime custom tray or our express whitening option!
  • $300 off Invisalign orthodontic treatments
  • 15% off any treatments not covered by the plan
  • No waiting periods, no maximums, and no deductibles — EVER!

*Additional cleanings and perio maintenance are paid at a discount.

Terms and Conditions

One time setup fee of $25.

$25/month for the duration of the contract for adults.

$16.50/month for the duration of the contract for children 13/younger.

Patients must sign up for an automatically renewing contract. You must remain in the plan and pay membership fees for a minimum of 12 months.

Payment of less than 12 months’ membership fees may result in  being charged usual and customary fees for all services (including those already provided) and being charged remaining months’ fees in lump sum.

Patients must stay the duration of the contract but can discontinue on their plan anniversary upon written notice to the practice.

Fees for dental services are due as services are rendered.

Fees for prosthodontics and cast restoration services are due at the preparation/impression visit. Failure to comply may result in my being charged usual and customary fees for such services.

Minor Services are defined as any direct composite or alloy restorations as defined by Current Dental Terminology [CDT] codes D2110-D2394. Major services include but are not limited to any other CDT codes including crowns, fixed partial dentures, extractions, dental implants, orthodontics.

You must agree to pay any and all costs in collecting all charges. Including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs. Coverage must be continuous. Missing monthly payments must be made up for interrupted coverage. Last month fees are not refundable.


1) Demonstrated non-compliance with recommended course of treatment.

2) Services which in the opinion of the attending dentist are neither necessary nor recommended for the patient’s dental health.

3) Dispensing of drugs not normally supplied in a dental office.

4) Services for injuries or conditions which are covered under Worker’s Compensation or Employer’s Liability laws.

5) General anesthesia/Conscious Sedation

6) Services that cannot be performed because of the general health, physical or psychological limitations of the patient.

7) Plan Participants cannot have other dental coverage.